The UCP’s anti-democracy gag law: Bill 81 explained

Alberta unions launch digital campaign aimed at raising the alarm about how the UCP’s Bill 81 undermines democracy in Alberta

Ironically, the campaign is exactly the kind of thing that would be outlawed if Bill 81 passes Read more

Alberta unions say they will not stand for UCP attempts to “take civil society out of our democracy”

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Landmark child care deal is an amazing victory for working families and a testament to the power of civil society

“We should never stop celebrating this victory, nor forget how it was won: through the power of citizens working together in civil society.” Read more

“Premier Kenney, your authoritarianism is showing.”

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The UCP cut workers from mental health support

Unions urge Albertans to join them in demanding paid sick leave for all workers

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New Leg sitting should be about fixing mistakes that led to hundreds of unnecessary COVID deaths, says AFL

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Workers have power – now is the time to use it

“Just get the damn shot!”

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