New Leg sitting should be about fixing mistakes that led to hundreds of unnecessary COVID deaths, says AFL

McGowan offers Kenney advice about how to make it up to Albertans

EDMONTON - The president of the Alberta Federation of Labour says Premier Jason Kenney and the UCP have lost the moral authority to govern and should view the new session of the Legislature, that resumes tomorrow, as an opportunity to “show some humility” and fix the government’s many pandemic policy mistakes.

Specifically, Gil McGowan says that instead of using the new session as yet another “circus of scapegoating and distraction,” the UCP should admit its mistakes and address the many policy failures that have led to hundreds of unnecessary deaths.

McGowan says that, as a result of the UCP’s reckless “open for summer” plan, the fourth wave of the pandemic in Alberta has become our province’s worst wave.

“We have only 12 per cent of Canada’s population, but for weeks we had more than 50 per cent of Canada's COVID-19 cases – and we had a COVID-19 fatality rate that was four times the Canadian average.”

“We all know what this has meant: overwhelmed hospital wards and ICUs; thousands and thousands of delayed procedures; exhausted and traumatized health care staff; hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated kids left without proper protection; thousands of Albertans sickened; hundreds of Albertans dead; and a health care system that is still teetering on the brink of collapse.”

So, what should Premier Kenney and the UCP do to make it up to Albertans? Here is a video statement with McGowan’s advice for the Premier.

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