Child Care Committee

This Committee will develop recommendations to government on how Alberta can lead the way in establishing a universal early learning and child care program. The Committee will continue developing clear “policy asks” for the Alberta government. The group will work with the AFL officers and staff on an aggressive lobby campaign of government MLAs, and assist the AFL in the continued promotion and development of the Fair Start campaign (a public advocacy campaign aimed at popularizing the many benefits of a universal early-childhood care and education program).

Education Committee

This committee plans and organizes the annual AFL Winter School, the AFL Spring School, as well as the annual Kids’ Camp. We will also plan creative ways to make quality educational opportunities accessible to members, such as through adding courses to pre-existing events like the AFL Mid Term and Convention, planning Lunch ‘n Learns, weekend or one-day training sessions. This Committee will monitor current issues and priorities for workers and recommend appropriate educational focuses. Our educational programs are the AFL’s flagship activities and we prioritize providing quality, and relevant training opportunities for our members.

Inclusion, Diversity, Engagement and Advocacy (IDEA) Committee

This Committee will be a place to discuss and advise on issues around inclusion, diversity, engagement and advocacy. This Committee will also deal with the relevant equity resolutions passed at the 2021 AFL convention.

Health and Safety Committee

The new Health and Safety Committee will develop recommendations to government for changes to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code, the Workers’ Compensation Act and other pieces of legislation, regulation, and policy dealing with workplace health and safety. This Committee will continue the work as changes in legislation and policy are implemented in Alberta’s workplaces, as well as analyzing the impacts of those changes on the health and safety of the province’s workers.

Political Action Committee

This committee will work with the officers to support, and in some cases refine, the implementation of the AFL’s Political Action Strategy (passed by Convention in 2011 and updated at every convention since).  The Political Action Strategy lays out, in detail, how affiliate unions will engage in politics (with a focus on provincial elections).  This Committee will also work with the officers on campaigns that have already been launched by the AFL, as well as providing strategic advice on emerging issues.  The Political Action Committee will also work with the officers on the organization of lobby campaigns.  It will also work with the officers on the development of the political action campaign adopted by delegates at the AFL’s 2021 convention.