Community Action Teams

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The Kenney government has been taking Alberta in the wrong direction since they took office. They’ve attacked wages, overtime, worker rights, unions, fired thousands of teachers and education workers, are driving doctors out of the province and the list goes on.  

It is time to take action!  

We are organizing and connecting people who have had enough. We are helping people come together and regularly participate in local actions to show their MLA (or closest UCP MLA) that what their government is doing is wrong and we won’t stand for it.  

It is time that we pull together and show our strength as citizens. 

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We will support efforts to coordinate regular actions taking place in your area. Actions that are safe in the context of COVID-19, such as a picket outside the MLA office, chalking outside MLA office, coordinated social media efforts, talking to neighbours and people in your area, and so on.  

We will keep you informed so you know of opportunities to participate. We will also be seeking local leaders who can assist in teams organizing community-based actions. 

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