Statement from AFL President Gil McGowan on arson at Edson Mosque

Following last night’s cowardly arson at the Mosque in Edson, the Alberta labour movement stands in solidarity with our Muslim members, friends, and neighbours to condemn this disgusting attack and the Islamophobia that underpins it.

These attacks do not happen in a vacuum. They are the direct result of the language and tactics of politicians and pundits who use fear and misinformation to advance their agenda. This shameful behavior leads directly to the marginalization, ostracism, and xenophobia that fuel a culture of Islamophobia.  There is no place for these politics, this rhetoric, or these actions in Alberta.

To our Muslim members, friends, and neighbours: the Alberta Federation of Labour will redouble our efforts to fight intolerance and racism of all types, particularly Islamophobia. We stand with you.

In Solidarity,

Gil McGowan


Alberta Federation of Labour

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