Possible Changes Coming to Alberta Labour

The face of labour in this province could see a noticeable change in the weeks and months to come.

A federal agency, Human Resources & Social Development Canada, says it is processing a flood of applications from Alberta employers to bring temporary, foreign workers to our province.

That's in addition to the 41000 applications it has already approved in the last year. That total is less than half of the 94000 applications filed by employers, according to the Calgary Herald.

Immigration centers say they're having trouble keeping up with business.

At Immigrant Services Calgary, a spokesperson says, "we're always stretched for our services."

In some cases, they're dealing with clients who are being mistreated by employers, in other cases it's a newcomer who needs a driver's license.

The program has its advocates and critics.

660News, Sun Apr 13 2008

Calgary immigration lawyer Michael Greene says his office, is swamped by requests from employers who can't find employees.

Gil McGowan of the Alberta Federation of Labour Claims says the program allows employers to keep wages low during worker shortages, and create a lower class of worker.

660News, Sun Apr 13 2008

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