NDP policies allow Alberta to halve child poverty rates even during a recession

Poverty rate for persons under 18 has been cut in half since 2015

Edmonton – The Alberta Federation of Labour applauds the current NDP government for cutting the poverty rate for persons under 18 years old in half in just two short years. Alberta continues to have the lowest poverty rate for those under 18 in Canada.

Source: Statistic Canada Table 11-10-0135-01 Low income statistics by age, sex and economic family type

AFL president Gil McGowan had this to say about the issue:

“The drop in child poverty rates in Alberta is particularly remarkable because it happened while the province was in the grips of a punishing recession. It’s partly the result of the federal Child Tax Benefit. But provincial policies also played an important role. Those policies include the Alberta Child Tax Benefit, the $15 minimum wage, the $25-a-day daycare pilot and the provincial hot lunch program. These policies helped thousands of lower-income Albertans weather the recession without falling into poverty. And they’re all policies that would never have been implemented if a conservative government had been in power.”

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