Labour group not convinced change on the way for Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Alberta Federation of Labour thinks the same people they say messed up the Temporary Foreign Worker program, can't be trusted to fix it.

Last week, the Harper government announced a review of the program. This after critics called foul on a BC mining firm for bringing in 200 Chinese workers to do jobs Canadians were qualified for.

AFL President Gil McGowan says the Harper Government "created a monster" when it relaxed requirements for companies to prove foreign workers were needed.

"They no longer have to keep records of Canadians that have applied." he says. "They no longer have to explain why the Canadians were not picked. All they have to do is post an on-line ad, and they don't have to demonstrate that Canadians have actually applied or not."

McGowan adds that the program has expanded to cover menial labour and other jobs.

And, he says, because workers are sent home after four years, the program has created an exploited, disposable workforce.

i880News, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012

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