Fraud allegations raise concerns over temporary foreign workers program

"We hear story after story from temporary foreign workers who have been denied the wages that they were promised," said Gil McGowan with the AFL.

"Wages deducted from their cheques illegally, who have had their travel documents seized by brokers and employers."

Calgary police have charged Holman with five counts of fraud over $5,000, as well as five counts of theft over $5,000.

They say the situation a rare case but McGowan says its cases like these that show why Ottawa should scrap the program.

He acknowledges the need for foreign workers but suggests they should be implemented through a real immigration program.

"As opposed to this phony immigration program which basically treats workers as disposable post-it notes to be used and thrown away once we're done with them," McGowan said.

"That's not the Canadian way. It flies in the face of Canadian values."

McGowan warns Canada's reputation is at stake.

"This program is giving us an incredibly big black eye, one that I think we're not going to be able to recover from."

Police say through civil action, the victim has been able to get back ownership of her two properties and about $90,000 cash, but $300,000 is still unaccounted for.

The accused is out on bail with conditions, including not being able to make bank deposits, withdrawals or transfers from the TFWA's accounts.

Holman's next court appearance is in August.

Edmonton CTV, Tues Jun 12, 2012

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