AFL president joins the chorus of Albertans condemning the Alberta Sovereignty Act

McGowan also encourages Albertans not to forget about the awful Throne Speech

EDMONTON - Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan released a video today criticizing yesterday’s Throne Speech and condemning the Alberta Sovereignty Act.

McGowan says the Throne Speech failed because it failed to address wage stagnation as a key component of the inflation squeeze currently hurting Albertans.

He also criticized the UCP for ruling out mask mandates as a potential solution to the capacity crisis in Alberta hospitals.

But, like thousands of other Albertans, McGowan reserved his toughest language for Premier Danielle Smith’s sovereignty legislation.

“Danielle Smith is setting our democracy on fire all so she can frame the next election as a fight with Ottawa,” said McGowan. “She’s creating chaos to draw attention away from the fact that she doesn’t have a real plan for inflation or the economy – and to draw attention away from her dangerous plans for health care, education, pensions, child care and on many other issues.”

If there is one positive coming from yesterday’s developments, McGowan says it is that the “battle lines have now been drawn.”

“It’s either chaos or stability. It’s either authoritarianism or democracy. The UCP has picked their side. It’s time for the rest of us to pick ours.”


Gil McGowan
President, AFL
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