AFL congratulates new government

Canadians rejected Harper’s divisive anti-union anti-Canadian wedge politics

Edmonton – The Alberta Federation of Labour offers its congratulations to Canada’s Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau.

The leaders of Alberta’s largest labour organization, which represents more than 170,000 workers, noted the Liberal platform included infrastructure spending, retirement security, apprenticeships, and the repeal of anti-union legislation.

“We’re looking forward to working with Justin Trudeau and his new government to ensure he delivers on the real change he has promised to Canadians,” AFL secretary treasurer Siobhán Vipond, adding that she had been troubled by the wedge politics that the Conservative Party unleashed during the campaign.  “In sweeping Harper from office, Canadians clearly rejected a divisive brand of politics that tried to profit from xenophobia, intolerance, and pitting Canadians against each other.”

Vipond noted that the Liberal campaign vowed to work with the provinces to improve retirement security for Canadians and is encouraged that Trudeau acknowledged this must include expansion of the Canada Pension Plan.

“An expansion of the Canada Pension Plan is the most economical, most reliable, and most efficient way of keeping seniors out of poverty,” Vipond said. “There is an opportunity here to improve the lives of thousands of seniors, to provide dignity for working families, and to ensure retirement security. We’re looking forward to working with our new provincial government, and our new federal government, to make this a reality.”

During the campaign, the Liberals repeatedly vowed to repeal anti-union bills C-377 and C-525. These pieces of unfair and politically motivated legislation imposed punitive and onerous requirements on union organizing and finance.

 “The Conservative government of Stephen Harper ignored the advice of experts, the outcry of Canadians, and even some of their own MPs in pursuing unwarranted attacks on the rights of working people,” Vipond said. “These are bad laws, and Canadians will be better off once they’re abolished.”


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