Wildrose critics are “simply wrong” when they say the government’s new negotiator is in a conflict-of-interest, says AFL

Statement from Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan:

Edmonton – “The Wildrose Opposition’s comments on the appointment of Kevin Davediuk as the Alberta government’s Chief Advisor on Negotiations are little more than cheap theatrics and over-blown political rhetoric.

Upcoming negotiations will require a particularly experienced and deft touch given the need to balance revenue shortfalls with sustaining a strong public service to stabilize the economy. Appointing someone with the ability to be sensitive to the needs of both the employer side and union side is exactly what the government needs to do at a time like this.

Kevin Davediuk is uniquely placed to fulfill that role as a negotiator with experience on both sides of the table and in both public and private sectors, including with public health authorities and Extendicare. He has extensive experience as a negotiator with 20 years on the employer side and five years on the union side.

That is exactly the kind of broad and diverse perspective that we need advising the government. He has worked in labour negotiations in Alberta throughout some of our province’s highest highs and lowest lows, which gives him useful insight and experience in the context of a current economic downturn.

Mr. Davediuk was appointed via Order in Council made yesterday, March 8. He starts in the position on March 21. He resigned from AUPE prior to this appointment.”

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Gwenneth Feeny, Director of Policy Analysis and Advocacy, Alberta Federation of Labour at 587.988.2028 (cell) or via e-mail [email protected]

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