What is life really like for Ontarians under Doug Ford?

AFL asks Ontario workers: what advice would you give Alberta voters this election?

Edmonton- Jason Kenney famously said that he and Ontario Premier Doug Ford are so much alike that they “finish each other’s sentences."  So, the Alberta Federation of Labour decided to ask Ontario workers what life is like under Ford. The AFL also asked them if they had any advice for Alberta voters.

We know Doug Ford is cutting services and rolling back workers’ protections, the Ontario Federation of Labour even has a lengthy webpage tracker list of all the cuts and privatizations.

Questions: Ford promised he wouldn’t cut frontline public services. What really happened? Should Albertans believe Jason Kenney when he makes similar promises?

Like Kenney, Ford uses slippery language about balancing the budget through “efficiencies,” and he promised that “not a single person would lose their job."  Once in power, he broke those promises – big time.

Watch: What really happened to promises to not cut public services?

Question: Ford says he’s made Ontario “open for business.” Jason Kenney says his first bill will be called the “Open for Business Act.” What does “open for business” really mean?

Like Kenney, Ford seems to think that the way to support the economy is to drive down wages and undermine protections for working people.

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Questions: Doug Ford’s slogan was “For the People.” Are politicians like Ford and Kenney really “for the people”?

Watch: Are politicians like Ford and Kenney really “For the People”?

Question: Jason Kenney says he and Doug Ford are so much alike that they “finish each other’s sentences." What advice would you give Albertans as they choose who to support in the Alberta election?

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Ramona Franson, Communications Director, Alberta Federation of Labour at 780.483.3021 or via e-mail [email protected]