Unions lose court battle over EPCOR

It's back to the drawing board, for the unions challenging the city's decision to split up EPCOR.

The Alberta Federation of Labour, along with two other city unions took the city to court earlier this month. They asked Court of Queen's Bench to determine whether city council had followed the proper process, when the decision was made behind closed doors to spin off three-billion dollars worth of power-generation assets owned by EPCOR, and sell about half-a-billion worth of those assets to the private sector. Those are assets the unions say belong to the people of Edmonton.

The court ruled that, thanks to the "natural person powers" granted to the City under legislation, members of council didn't have to abide by sections of the Municipal Government Act. Those sections say all decisions made by municipal councils have to be made in public forums.

The unions will meet next week to plot their next move.

iNews880, Fri Sept 25 2009

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