Stelmach questions attitudes of victims of the recession

Premier Ed Stelmach is in hot water after suggesting some of those who lost their jobs in this recession need to change their attitudes.

The comments came as the premier was making an address at the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce yesterday.

He was discussing the economy and said Alberta stands to benefit from the deep labour pool when we see an economic recovery. Then he chatted about the outlook of workers in our province.

"The A and B Crews are working and the C Crew is at home until they change their attitude," Stelmach said, according to the Calgary Sun.

The Alberta Federation of Labour is now up in arms. President Gil McGowan says workers who were laid off in these tough times don't deserve to have their attitudes questioned.

A spokesperson for the premier is clarifying Stelmach's comments. Tom Olsen says the premier was talking specifically about workers who got well-paying jobs in the boom, even though they had no proper training.

660News, Fri Nov 13 2009

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