SAIT works to overcome workplace discrimination

Pipe trade students build sign to show collaboration between GBLT community and construction industry.

Pipe trade students at SAIT built something that's the first of its kind at the trade school – a sign to show the collaboration between people in the gay-lesbian-bisexual and transgender community and the construction industry.

Students have built two large portable displays at the request of the Alberta Federation of Labour.

Keith Purdy is the co-chair of the AFL's pride and solidarity committee.

In 2005, he and his husband Rick were the first gay couple to marry legally in Calgary.

He said he's eager to help anyone else from the GLBT community to overcome workplace discrimination.

"Here will be a large timeline of the achievements of the gay and lesbian community throughout the years," Purdy said, describing the sign which is built in the shape of a small house.

Joe van Weenen, academic chair of pipe trades at SAIT, said it is a win-win situation for the union and the school.

"We like to present an atmosphere of inclusion," van Weenen said.

The structure will now be used in parades and festivals all throughout the province.

CBC News Calgary, Fri May 18 2012

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