Redford’s vision-free Throne Speech pledges more broken promises

More public service cuts coming, says Alberta Federation of Labour

Edmonton – AFL President Gil McGowan said the Speech from the Throne is a blueprint for a rehash of Redford’s failed record: more cuts to front-line services, lack of revenue reform and a continuation of selling raw non-renewable resources at below-market prices.

“Premier Redford was elected on promises to safeguard our public services. Instead, she’s cut them and her agenda will continue this broken promise,” McGowan said, in attendance for the Speech from the Throne at the Alberta Legislature this afternoon.

McGowan said Albertans should be concerned about the government’s promise to hold spending to below population and inflation growth, while turning a blind eye to any semblance of revenue reform.

“Alberta’s booming, but program spending won’t reflect that. How many more jobs will be cut in healthcare and education?” asked McGowan noting that hundreds of jobs have already been cut for Alberta’s civil service.

“Add this to the failed rip-it-and-ship-it policy of raw-resource exports, rather than upgrading to higher value products, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster for the public services Albertans rely on.”



Gil McGowan, President, Alberta Federation of Labour, on site at the Legislature Rotunda,
780.218.9888 (cell) or via twitter @gilmcgowan

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