Minimum Wage Increases April 1st

The head of Alberta's largest labour group is calling out the provincial government for what he says is a "drop in the bucket" when it comes to the minimum wage.

The rate increases as of Tuesday, April 1st is from $8 to $8.40 an hour.
The Alberta Federation of Labour says with the cost of living so high in this province, the minimum wage should be at least $12.

Federation President Gill McGowan says he doesn't buy the provincial government's argument only a small number of Albertans actually get paid the minimum.

Alberta Employment and Immigration spokesperson Janice Schroeder says they look at the average weekly wage and adjust the minimum based on that.

Not factoring in taxes, Alberta's minimum wage is third in the country behind Ontario and Manitoba.

CHQR Newsroom, Tues Apr 1 2008

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