Alberta Fire Fighters Media Release

Alberta Fire Fighters disappointed with AHS announcement to consolidate EMS dispatch

For Immediate Release

August 4, 2020

Today’s announcement by Alberta Health Services stating that they will be consolidating Emergency Medical Services dispatch services down to three centres across the province is disappointing.

Every day and night 365 days a year our highly trained and skilled communications operators answer the call making critical decisions to ensure that the appropriate resources are dispatched to those in need of emergency medical services.

“This decision is a short sighted decision that will result in negative patient outcomes for the residents affected by these changes. You can only cut so many costs and services before a life is lost. The Alberta Fire Fighters Association represents over 3,000 full time professional Fire Fighters, Paramedics and Communications Operators. We know about first response and what is required to carry out effective cost efficient Emergency Medical Care and this does not do that. We have heard many times over the years dating back to 2005 a promise of a more efficient, cost effective EMS system and that has yet to transpire. Today’s announcement will not bring a more efficient cost effective EMS system. This consolidation will result in longer wait times for an EMS crew to arrive at the location of a person in need of medical attention and job losses across the province. These reckless decisions that are being made without consultation from the front line first responders that they affect need to stop! I truly worry about not only the safety of our front line EMS providers but the citizens that they are serving.” - Brad Readman, President Alberta Firefighters Association.

We are working with our locals in the affected areas to provide any assistance to the colleagues that will face the initial impact of these decisions.


Media Contact:

Brad Readman
Alberta Fire Fighters Association