Major stakeholders in the 2011 budget express their concerns

With many different groups to please, each of the major stakeholders have different items on their wish lists leading up to Thursday's budget.

Aden Murphy, VP External of the U of A student union, is worried about the outcome for post secondary institutions.

"Last years budget was pretty hard on university students. It went from 6% to zero". Murphy hopes to see a significant increase in the baseground funding.

Many Edmonton seniors are concerned about health care and hope that it has another positive outcome this year. It's been a turbulent year for the health care system in Alberta. Former CEO of Alberta Health Services was removed from his position and former Tory MLA Raj Sherman publically critisized the system which caused him to be ousted from the PC caucus.

Health care had big benefits from last year's budget - $1.7 billion more than the year before.

Gil McGowan, President of Alberta Federation Of Labour, believes that this year's budget has the same problems as last year's.

"We had a government that was fixated on spending and ignored the other side of the budget equation".

It is hoped that some of the groups will have their requests met at Thursday's budget.

Global Saskatoon, Thurs Feb 24 2011
Byline: Julie Finkelman

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