Lobby groups team up to fight health legislation

Friends of Medicare and the Alberta Federation of Labour are joining forces in an effort to derail the proposed Alberta Health Act, which is expected to be introduced this fall in the legislature.

The healthcare lobby group and the province's largest union claim the new legislation will make it easier for the government to expand the use of private health insurance and de-list health services from Medicare coverage.

The Executive Director of Friends of Medicare tells 660News the proposed Alberta Health Act will weaken existing laws and won't do anything to fix the problems people want addressed.

"Work with what you have and get down to solving the practical problems that our healthcare system is also wanting in, which is wait times, access to a doctor and acute care beds," says David Eggen.

Eggen tells 660News Albertans who are concerned about where health care is headed need to speak out and now.

Alberta's health minister will respond to the government-commissioned review of the health system next week.

660News, Tues Oct 12 2010
By: Kevin Usselman and Lisa Grant

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