Labour group projects thousands of job losses to follow release of spring budget

The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) is predicting up to 60,000 job losses when the Tory government unveils the spring budget next month.

AFL's president Gil McGowan told media Monday that as the Stelmach government finds ways to cut $2 billion in spending, thousands of jobs will be destroyed.

"They're not tipping their hand, they're not being forthright with Albertans," McGowan said.

The group calls the loss of between 33,000 jobs and 60,000 jobs "frightening".

Bart Johnson, a Finance Ministry spokesman says the group's predication is not based on accurate information. The government believes the AFL aims to instill fear in Albertans.

Johnson says the province's cost-cutting of $2 billion is based on the notion that next year's budget will grow by $2 billion.

The spokesman maintains the province's goal will be achieved, if it can keep the total budget at the same point of spending as last year, which was $36.4 billion.

The budget will be made public on February 9th.

CTV Edmonton, Mon Jan 25 2010

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