Labour calls for law to aid workers with flu

The Alberta Federation of Labour called on the provincial government Wednesday to amend the labour code to protect workers who take days off with the H1N1 virus.

"We don't think people who follow the advice of medical professionals should be penalized at their work," AFL president Gil McGowan said.

Alberta's labour code currently doesn't mention sick days and McGowan said it leaves many employees vulnerable if they take Alberta Health Services' advice to stay home when they or their children are feeling ill.

Employment Minister Hector Goudreau said he is happy to meet with the AFL and others to hear their concerns, but he said most workers have already have sick days built into their contracts.

Those that don't should talk to their employers about the possibility of taking time off if they get the flu.

"People should not wait until they're ill to talk to each other," Goudreau said.

Edmonton Journal, Thurs Oct 29 2009
Byline: Archie McLean

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