Kenney’s moves on trade puts ideology over Alberta workers

Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour, today made the following statement:

“Premier Kenney announced his government would unilaterally drop several exceptions to the Canada Free Trade Agreement which guides trade and procurement rules within Canada. He made this announcement without reciprocity from other provinces and without consultation with Albertans.

While Premier Jason Kenney talks a big game about supporting the economy, his actions belie his words. His move ties the province’s hands in terms of tools to provide Alberta’s workers jobs through public-sector investment. This will hurt local and regional economies.

The previous government used these tools to ensure the rebuilding of Fort McMurray benefitted local workers affected by the global downturn in energy prices, but the present government appears unconcerned.

Ideology drives Premier Kenney’s decisions and this latest move confirms it. We’ve seen this with his move to undermine the rights of public-sector union members by snubbing scheduled negotiations, his $4.5 billion giveaway to profitable corporations, his lack of action on man-made climate change, and his cuts to children’s minimum wage. Conservative ideologues will cheer, but the result will be further pain for Alberta workers.”


Gil McGowan


780-218-9888 or [email protected]

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