EPCOR debate goes to court

The law courts are the scene of a legal showdown over EPCOR today.

Union groups are trying to convince a Court of Queen's Bench judge that the city had no legal right to privatize EPCOR's power generation assets. Union leaders say it's all about the public interest, not about jobs or union contracts.

"We're paying thousands of dollars in lawyers to fight this kind of thing. They have a whole army of lawyers to fight this kind of thing, of which actually they're using our taxpayers' money to fight us with," says Dave Loken of the Coalition of Edmonton Civic Unions. "The whole things stinks to high heaven."

"Our case is really about democracy," says Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan (above). "There is a process the city should have followed, and that process is outlined in the Municipal Government Act."

EPCOR is taking a wait-and-see approach.

"EPCOR believes the case is without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves," says Tim LeRiche with EPCOR. "Beyond that, the proper place for the issue to be discussed is in the courtroom."

Court is hearing arguments from lawyers on all sides today.

iNews880, Fri Sept 11 2009

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