Alberta labour leaders rally with Occupy demonstrators

Occupy Calgary got a boost from local labour leaders this weekend.

Dozens of union supporters and demonstrators joined the the Olympic Plaza group Saturday and rallied for labour solidarity outside Calgary's City Hall.

The Alberta Federation of Labour's Terry Inigo-Jones said joining the Occupy movement was a natural fit.

"They're fighting for some of the same issues that we've been fighting for for nearly 100 years, so we've issued statements of support for them," he said.

Inigo-Jones said that some key issues the two groups share are fair wages for workers and reliable funding for public services such as health care and education.

Anti-Occupy Calgary demonstrators gathered at Occupy Calgary's Labour Solidarity Rally on Saturday. The Chicken is wearing a Mayor Naheed Nenshi nametag that also says "Chicken Mayor." Meghan Grant/CBCAlexander Chevaler, the president of the Calgary and District Labour Council, said he was at the rally to highlight the overlap between the Occupy and labour movements.

Chevaler petitioned Calgary city council to allow Occupy Calgary to stay in Olympic Plaza.

"Our democratic institutions that are designed to protect us have failed to do so," he said.

Occupy Calgary protesters said they're ready to wait out winter at Olympic Plaza.

This week, the Occupy Edmonton group received a $7,500 donation from Occupy Wall Street for winterized tents.

Edmonton had its first snowfall of the year early Saturday morning, and demonstrators there vow they will wait out the winter., Sat Nov 12 2011

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