Alberta Federation of Labour

The first 100 years

The Alberta Federation of Labour is dedicated to improving the lives of Alberta's working people, union members and non-members alike. We seek to represent all those who must work to earn a livelihood. Together workers share a need for security, safety, a living wage, a life beyond work, and a society that puts the needs of the many ahead of the needs of a few. Only by banding together into unions and organizations such as the AFL can they hope to keep the rights and protections they require and to win new ones.

The next 100 years

Those who came before left a tremendous legacy: laws that provide for a minimum wage and maximum hours of work, weekends and statutory holidays, Worker's Compensation, health and safety, pensions and health care, and so much more. The challenge facing the AFL and the entire labour movement during the next 100 years is to protect and build on this inheritance and to meet new challenges - unprotected farm workers, temporary foreign workers, invasion of privacy, new workplace hazards and occupational disease, to name a few.

If we approach our task with energy and commitment, we will succeed!


The Edmonton Journal, Friday August 31 2012

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