Alberta Budget: Labour Leaders Don't Want Public Services Cut

EDMONTON - Labour leaders in Alberta have joined forces to say they don't want to see public services cuts in Thursday's provincial budget.

The group consists of the Alberta Federation of Labour, Alberta Teachers' Association, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Canadian Union of Public Employees-Alberta, Health Sciences Association of Alberta and United Nurses of Alberta.

They said in a joint release Monday that the majority of Albertans don't want public services cut and would rather see an increase in taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

The group says Albertans see a booming economy, soaring corporate profits and low unemployment.

So they're confused as to why health care, education, and community services still don't have the resources they need to do the job right.

The group says the Conservative government is trying to justify massive cuts to health care and education by saying oil prices have dipped, but the labour leaders say Albertans aren't buying it.

Huffpost Alberta, Monday, Mar. 04, 2013

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