AFL says it’s time Alberta raised taxes and energy royalty rates

The President of the Alberta Federation of Labour is offering some free financial advice to the Redford government as it wrestles with rising red ink.

AFL boss Gil McGowan says the governing Tories only have themselves to blame for the financial mess the province is in.

McGowan tells 660News, Alberta is among the richest jurisdictions in the world and there is no excuse for the government to be running a deficit.

He says it's time Alberta imported something from south of the border, namely the current fiscal cliff discussions.

McGowan is calling for an increase to tax rates especially for corporations and for the government to increase it's take from the sale of resources.

The AFL fears the Redford government will do what previous government's have done to erase the red ink, freeze employee wages while gutting programs and services.

On Wednesday Alberta's finance minister admitted the government might not be able to fulfill it's promise to balance the 2013 operating budget.

660 News, Thursday, Dec. 30, 2012
Kevin Usselman

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