AFL cautiously optimistic about new OHS inspectors

The Stelmach government's announcement of 30 new Occupational Health and Safety workplace inspectors is welcome, but Alberta still remains a dangerous place to work.

That's the message from president of the Alberta Federation of Labour which represents 140,000 workers in the province.

And while Gil McGowan says it's another step forward from the cost-cutting of the Klein years, he says with just a 1.5 percent increase in the budget for the new inspectors - he's cautious on whether this is just more government rhetoric.

"That ends up being an unfulfilled promise," says McGowan. "I'm hoping that this announcement leads to real change and a real increase in the number of frontline workers doing workplace inspections and that it doesn't turn into just a pre-election promise and is forgotten once the election is passed."

McGowan says the inspectors are especially needed as indicators point towards another economic boom coming to Alberta, and with it a rise in workplace safety incidents.

iNews880, Sat Mar 5 2011

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