AFL calls for change after farm deaths

The provincial government is facing criticism from the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL), in the wake of a double-fatal accident in south east Edmonton.

Two men, aged 62 and 54, were electrocuted when the grain auger they were moving hit an overhead power line near Ellerslie Road and Meridian Street. They were found early Friday morning.

The federation's president Gil McGowan points out farmers are not covered under Occupational Health and Safety or the Workers' Compensation Board. He says it's time for change.

"This is an argument that the Alberta government has been making for years, that you, quote, 'can't over-regulate' the family farm," says McGowan. "In reality, most of the people working in the agricultural sector are not working for family farms, they're working for big agri-business."

Even though OHS staff members were called to the scene, they were not able to do their job.

iNews880, Fri Dec 3 2010

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