Union Job Helps

My husband and I have worked to raise our three children to the best of our ability. At times we have struggled to keep food on the table, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads.

But life has got significantly better for us in the past year. My husband does the same work, but now he's in a union. He gets paid what he's worth, our kids have dental benefits and our medicine is paid for. We are actually starting to get ahead and are enjoying our family.

I hear people talk about unions as though they are a bad thing. The Saskatchewan Party seems to hate unions.

I bet an MLA's wife doesn't have to worry about how the family will pay for the next trip to the dentist or about how to pay for medicine if a child gets sick.

How can a government claim to be for the people, but at the same time not want to see people earn a good wage so they can take care of their families and have a good life?

I just had to write this because I know how much my husband's union job has helped our family. Come November, I know how I'm voting.

Sharona Sendecki

Regina StarPhoenix, Mon Aug 29 2011
Letter to the editor

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