TWU - Working to Keep Jobs in Canada

The Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) is sponsoring a campaign to pressure provincial and federal governments to do more to help save Canadian jobs in the recession. They are concerned that unemployment in Canada is unacceptably high, corporations are moving jobs offshore and Canadian governments are doing nothing about it. They have launched a cross-Canada campaign to raise awareness about the growing problem of unemployment and to hopefully motivate Canadians to demand their politicians do something to keep jobs in Canada.

The campaign consists of two components:

1.    National Unemployment Clock. A truck-mounted real-time calculator of the total jobs lost in Canada is working its way across the country, hitting all the major cities along the way. It began in Ottawa on May 6 and will reach "home base" in Vancouver on June 8. It will be in Alberta on these days:

    • May 24 - Calgary
    • May 25 - Red Deer
    • May 26 - Edmonton

2.   Online Petition. The campaign is asking Canadians to sign an online petition in support of action to keep jobs in Canada.

How You Can Help

  1. Attend the local event for the unemployment clock when it reaches your town.
  2. Go to and sign the online petition.

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