The Alberta Federation of Labour in Solidarity with Indian Farmers

The Alberta Federation of Labour stands in solidarity with farmers in India, who continue their mass protests against new agricultural laws. The proposed reforms will deregulate agricultural markets and will effectively undermine the livelihoods of Indian farmers, opening them up to exploitation by large corporations.  

With the majority of India’s population relying on agriculture as their main source of livelihood, the impact of these changes to the working class will be devastating. They must be opposed. On top of this the rights of all working people in India are being attacked through other business-driven reforms.

Many jurisdictions are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to implement ‘disaster capitalism’, passing policies that attack the public good and workers’ rights. As the pandemic continues, here in Alberta we have seen the Kenney government attack our public health care and pass legislation to rollback workers’ health and safety rights. The same anti-worker agenda is true here as it is in India.

We believe in a shared struggle and oppose any policies that undermine the working class here and around the world. We believe in the right to protest and that people should be allowed to democratically determine their future together. 

The Alberta Federation of Labour supports Indian farmers and workers in their struggle against corporate power and anti-worker policies. We express our solidarity as they peacefully protest these dangerous reforms and mobilize in record numbers for change. 

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