Old Dutch Chips Locks Out 170 Workers

Issue: Old Dutch Chips Locks Out 170 Workers

Action: Don't Purchase Old Dutch Chips

When: Until the Workers Get a Fair Deal


On March 30th, Old Dutch Foods locked out 170 workers at its Calgary potato chip plant. Old Dutch is trying to use the lock out to put the squeeze on its workers, despite its continued high profits.

The union has indicated its ongoing willingness to negotiate a settlement. The two sides are not far apart on wages, but the employer refuses to budget on other important issues, including paid sick leave. The union is concerned that sick workers are coming to work because they cannot afford the lost wages. The union is also looking for stronger food safety language to protect consumers.

The employer also refuses to require all employees in the bargaining unit to pay union dues, which is a standard provision in most collective agreements.

How You Can Help:

UFCW is asking Albertans to not purchase Old Dutch products until they bargain a fair deal with their workers.

Old Dutch chips include Superstore and Safeway generic (no name) brands. The following brands are made in the Calgary plant:

  • Old Dutch
  • President's Choice
  • No Name
  • Great Value
  • Compliments
  • Safeway Blue Bags





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