Mason: Tory broken promises are costing Albertans jobs

Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason says Tory broken promises are costing Albertan jobs.
In the last election Ed Stelmach promised to increase the amount of bitumen being upgraded in Alberta. ERCB figures released today by the Alberta Federation of Labour show the percentage of bitumen refined in Alberta is far less than promised by the Conservatives, and is expected to continue to decline.
“The PC government’s support for the Keystone XL pipeline will accelerate the loss of jobs to the US,” Mason says. “The net result of the PC government’s policies will send tens of thousands of jobs south.”
Energy Minister Ron Liepert’s recent comments regarding US President Barack Obama’s concerns are unacceptable and an embarrassment to all Albertans.
“They demonstrate the rudeness and arrogance for which Liepert is well known. The premier should apologize to the president on behalf of all Albertans,” says Mason.

 Note: AFL news release on bitumen exports available at AFL website, Mon Apr 11 2011

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