Labour regrets the loss of Pam Barrett

EDMONTON - The President of the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) feels that Pam Barrett, who today stepped down as Leader of the Alberta New Democrats and MLA for Edmonton Highlands, will be sorely missed by all Albertans.

According to AFL President Audrey Cormack, Ms. Barrett's most remembered achievement will probably be her stalwart defense of Alberta's Medicare system against the attacks by private health corporations and the Klein government.

"Pam Barrett cared passionately about our public health care system," said Cormack. "The struggle to preserve it consumed most of her tenure as leader."

Ms. Cormack was quick to point out that Pam Barrett has always been considered a friend of working people in Alberta. "Pam was also a strong supporter of workers' rights," said Cormack. "She had a penchant for sticking up for the underdog - and she spoke out loudly and effectively every time an employer was treating workers unfairly."

Barrett's sudden resignation must serve as a wake-up call to the labour movement, according to Cormack. "Labour - and other progressive social forces in Alberta - have counted on Pam Barrett to be a leader on the health care front and many other issues," concluded Cormack. "Now we are all going to have to redouble our efforts to make up for Pam's absence."

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