Labour federation decries homegrown greed, corruption

Greed and corruption that triggered mass protests in New York can be seen here at home in Alberta, says the Alberta Federation of Labour.

As protesters are set to march through Edmonton's Churchill Square as part of the 'occupy' movement, the AFL says the gap between rich and poor in Alberta is just as clear as the one in New York.

"We can no longer ignore the obvious. Corporate wealth generated from our resources isn't reaching Alberta's families," said Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan in a release.

"You have an affluent few in this province who are rewarded with billions of dollars of our public funds through generous giveaways, and at the same time there doesn't seem to be enough stable funding for our children's classrooms from year to year. How is that fair?"

Organizers say Saturday's rally — a play off New York's ongoing Occupy Wall Street movement — will give fed-up Edmontonians a chance to brainstorm solutions.

The group hasn't yet decided if they will set up a camp, as has been done in the more than 200 Canadian cities that have joined the movement since it began in New York on Sept. 17.

Edmonton Sun, Fri Oct 14 2011
Byline: Allison Saltz

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