Labour calls on Alberta to improve jobsite safety, province hiring 8 inspectors

EDMONTON - Labour groups say more people will be killed and injured in Alberta if the province fails to make sweeping changes to improve safety at job sites.

The Alberta Federation Labour says the government should hire more safety inspectors and allow them to issue immediate fines and stop-work orders.

The federation says the Crown should be given more resources so it can prosecute more safety violations.

And it says farm workers should be be covered by Alberta safety and employment standards rules.

AFL President Gil McGowan says to drive the point home 2,500 postcards signed by workers have been sent to Employment Minister Thomas Lukaszuk (loo-KAS-zuck) that call on him to take action.

Lukaszuk says he is hiring eight new safety inspectors and will look at other ways to cut accidents, including an online safety education program.

Winnipeg Free Press, Fri Nov 5 2010

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