Koch Brothers Exposed in Brave New Video

For years, billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch flew under the radar as they financed right-wing campaigns and extreme conservative think tanks to overturn financial regulations, corporate rules, environmental standards, workers' rights and the entire litany of "evils" on the radical right agenda.

But their cover was blown in a New Yorker article last year and further shredded when their connections to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and his attack on public service workers and workers' rights were exposed.

Now, our friends at the Brave New Foundation—the same folks who bring us Brave New Films—are making the spotlight on the Kochs even brighter with a series of new videos in their new Koch Brothers Exposed campaign.

In the first video (above) they take us to five of the Koch's multimillion-dollar mansions around the country. Three seniors who rely on Social Security go to David's $37 million Palm Beach, Fla., estate to ask why the Kochs want to destroy Social Security.

Pushing the intercom at the $18 million Koch South Hampton beach estate, a Brave New filmmaker asks the Kochs why they are "financing all these organizations designed to smash the American worker."

He gets the same answer—nothing—at the luxurious $15 million Aspen, Colo., getaway when he asks why they are "spending millions of dollars to destroy American unions."

AFL-CIO Now Blog, Tues May 10 2011

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