Klein exposes real agenda about private health care, says AFL

Premier Ralph Klein's call for the provinces and federal government to discuss changes to the Canada Health Act reveals that his real agenda is to permanently entrench private, for-profit hospitals in Canada, says AFL President Audrey Cormack.

"He may have finally let the private health care cat out of the bag," observes Cormack. "The only reason to call for amending the Canada Health Act (CHA) is to change the rules so his privatization plan isn't illegal."

This is a backdoor admission that the private health care legislation, to be introduced during the spring session, contravenes the CHA, states Cormack. "He knows he is breaking the law, and is now trying to desperately change the law to prevent it."

Premier Klein states that he is only trying to "build a consensus" among provincial leaders about the role of private health care.

"What the Premier doesn't understand is that there already is a consensus in support of public health care, and he is the lone advocate for private, for-profit hospitals." Klein's call for CHA was met with deafening silence from most Premier's and outright opposition from some, including B.C. and Saskatchewan.

"The reality is he is all alone on this one," says Cormack.

The better strategy, Cormack suggests, is to scrap the private health care plan and instead re-invest in public hospitals and facilities.

"They can play all the games they want, but Albertans will see through them and recognize this plan for what it is - a move to set up a parallel, private for-profit health system," Cormack concludes.

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