Government Will Pay Price for Private Hospital Bill, Says AFL

The Klein government will pay a big price from Albertans if it continues with its private health care bill, introduced in the Legislature today, says Audrey Cormack, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour.

"The introduction of Bill 11 shows the Klein government is not listening to Albertans," says Cormack. "Albertans are worried - very worried - about their health care system. They want it protected and have told the government so."

"The government has responded by playing word games and weaving more lies about their real intentions," says Cormack. "Albertans don't want word games, they want Medicare protected from for-profit clinics."

"Bill 11 undermines the very principles of Medicare."

Cormack says that even the Tories know their bill is a bunch of pretend. "I don't care what you call it, a surgical facility or private clinic, this bill legalizes private, for-profit hospitals."

Cormack predicts that if the government insists on forcing this bill on Albertans that Albertans will make them pay a big price for it.

"Albertans won't put up with this bill. Any government that tries to undermine Medicare will hear loudly from Albertans. They will hear from us in the Legislature, on the streets and in the ballot box."

"If the government has any sense, they will let the bill die a quick death."

"It's not too late," concludes Cormack, "this bill can and will be stopped."

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