Gov. Walker will bow to court order, halt implementation of anti-union bill

A spokesman for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Thursday that the state will comply with a court order to temporarily halt the implementation of a notorious anti-union law, pending a court challenge.

Last week, the Walker administration stunned the nation by declaring the bill to have the force of law and announcing plans to collect additional pension contributions from state employees-despite a temporary restraining order blocking enactment of the bill. Contrary to popular belief, a bill does not become law in Wisconsin the moment the governor signs it. The legislation is only embued with the force law after it is published through the correct procedural channels.

According to the head of Wisconsin's legislative reference bureau (LRB), a bill becomes law when it is published in the state's official newspaper, the Wisconsin State Journal, by order of the Secretary of State. This has not yet happened. The bill was published on the LRB website, but according to the LRB, that doesn't count.

In These Times, Thurs Mar 31 2011
Byline: Lindsay Beyerstein

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