February 21 2012: Beyond Acute Care Conference; Better Way Alberta; Budget 2012; farm workers; HSAA information pickets

Last chance to see Ralph Nader and Maude Barlow at Beyond Acute Care Conference

  • You have only until tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, Feb. 22) to register for the Beyond Acute Care: Covering Seniors and the Disabled with the Medicare Umbrella. This is an important event affecting all Albertans, bringing in experts from around the world and across Canada, including world-renowned consumer advocate Ralph Nader and Maude Barlow, of the Council of Canadians. For information on the conference and to register, click here; want to find out what the conference is all about? Watch this great animated video here.

For information about the speakers at the Beyond Acute Care conference, click here ...

Great video ad shows there is a Better Way for Alberta

  • It just doesn't add up! Alberta is one of the wealthiest jurisdictions on Earth, but can't seem to find enough money to adequately fund the public services that Albertans want, including health care and education. The reason? Our tax and royalty system is broken and wealthy individuals and corporations aren't paying their fair share. But there is a Better Way. Watch the great video ad for Better Way Alberta. Here the cheeky radio ads, follow the campaign on Twitter and like the Facebook page at www.BetterWayAlberta.ca. For more information ...

Tax and royalty giveaways continue in Alberta's Budget 2012

  • The first budget from Conservative Premier Alison Redford showed that little has changed in the government's attitude to the oil industry and wealthy corporations. There was no sign of an end to billions of dollars in tax and royalty giveaways and no honest conversation with Albertans on how to fix the province's broken revenue system. For more information ...

Alberta government must act now to prevent farm-worker tragedy

  • A transportation tragedy on the scale that killed 11 farm workers in Ontario in early February is looming in Alberta unless the government acts now to prevent it, says the AFL. It called on the Conservatives to close the legal loopholes that allow farm workers to be transported in the back of open trucks and in other dangerous vehicles now - not to wait until there's a tragic accident in this province. For more information ...

Urgent Action

  • Join HSAA members on information pickets - HSAA will be holding information pickets tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 22)from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Bargaining with AHS broke down after 10 months when they finally tabled a monetary package that included an "offer" of 0, 0 and Cost of Living and failed to address the issues brought forward by the HSAA membership. Please show you support by joining them at the following locations:
    • Edmonton: University of Alberta Hospital - 112th Street entrance
    • Edmonton: Royal Alexandra Hospital - Kingsway Avenue
    • Edmonton: Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital - 111th Avenue
    • Calgary: Foothills Medical Centre - Main Entrance on 29th St. NW
    • Calgary: Peter Lougheed Centre - 36th St. NE
    • Red Deer: Red Deer Regional Hospital - 50A Ave
    • Medicine Hat: Medicine Hat Regional Hospital - 5 St. SW
    • Fort McMurray: Northern Lights Regional Health Centre - Hospital Street
    • Grand Prairie: Queen Elizabeth II Hospital - 105 Ave

HSAA President Elisabeth Ballermann will be addressing the media from the University of Alberta Hospital picket.

For further information, visit http://www.hsaa.ca/home

  • Attend the Calgary launch of Kevin Taft's Follow the Money - Ever wonder why Alberta's so rich, but our schools and hospitals seem to be so poor? MLA Kevin Taft has the answer in his new book, Follow the Money, and accompanying video documentary by award-winning producer Tom Radford. Join us for the Calgary launch of Follow the Money at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23, at Memorial Park Library, 1221 2 Street S.W., Calgary. For details ... To view a clip from the documentary, click here ... For more information on the book ...


  • February 24-25: Beyond Acute Care conference with Ralph Nader and Maude Barlow
  • February 24-26: EDLC Annual Labour School
  • March 8: International Women's Day
  • March 21: International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • March 21-23: CUPE Alberta 62nd Annual Convention
  • March 22: World Water Day
  • April 3: International Day for Mine Awareness
  • April 6: World Health Day
  • April 21: Earth Day
  • April 27: International Day of Mourning for workers who have been killed, suffer disease or injury as a result of work.

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