Don’t believe the hype! Economic Climate has the facts on gov’t spending

Economic Climate for Bargaining frames current economic events in terms of their impact on public sector workers, and public sector negotiations.

Media personalities and corporate lobbyists have been abuzz over supposed increases in government spending. "It's out of control!" they cry. "It's unsustainable!"

But is that really the truth? CUPE Economist Toby Sanger crunched the numbers and discovered that, in fact, government spending has been cut to its lowest share of the economy in at least three decades.

Despite this reality, taxes have continued to go up for much of the public. Why? A shift in our tax system has meant reduced taxes for business and high-income earners, while consumption-based taxes on households increase.

Still, corporate lobbyists are using misinformation about public sector salaries to gain support for further cuts to corporate taxes and public spending.

Learn more about this and other important economic developments in the latest issue of Economic Climate for Bargaining!

In this issue you'll also find:

  • Details on Wisconsin and American attacks on the public sector
  • An up-to-date economic outlook for Canadians
  • Information on the recent commodity boom
  • The latest on job market struggles
  • The effects of oil and food price increases
  • What really happens when inflation increases
  • The truth about public sector wages, Fri Apr 1 2011

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