December 2010: Leaks reveal Tory Plan to privatize health care; Farm deaths prove safety laws are absurb; Brace for more cuts to vital services; Time for action on domestic violence

Leaks reveal Tory plan to privatize health care
  • Documents leaked to opposition parties show that the government has a hidden agenda to allow more privatization of health care after the next election. NDP leader Brian Mason said the documents show that Health Minister has misled Albertans. "It's more proof that the Stelmach Tories can't be trusted on health care," he said. Join Friends of Medicare in the fight to save our health-care system. To see the leaked documents ...

Farm deaths prove safety laws are absurd

  • Two people were electrocuted while working on an Edmonton area farm - but health and safety inspectors called to the site were powerless to investigate (Dec 3 press release). They had to abandon inquiries when the discovered the tragedy took place on a farm, because agricultural operations are exempt from workplace health and safety laws. "This is clear evidence that the government's recent decision to focus on education and training to improve farm and ranch safety is completely inadequate," says AFL president Gil McGowan.
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Brace for more cuts to vital services

  • While private-sector forecasters predicted robust economic growth for Alberta in 2011, the provincial government painted a grim picture of our financial future. "Clearly, the agenda for Conservative Finance Minister Ted Morton is to find ways to justify cuts to health care, education, and social services," says Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour. For more information ...

Time for action on domestic violence

  • In a recent Alberta study, more than 20 per cent of respondents reported they had experienced the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. However, employers, supervisors, workers, professional associations and unions can take joint action to prevent it. The Alberta Council of Women's Shelters and Health Sciences Association of Alberta developed a toolkit, Everyone's Business, that helps everyone do their part to prevent domestic violence. For more information ...

Urgent Action

One more push for REAL pension reform

Canada's finance ministers meet in Kananaskis on December 19 and 20 to discuss pension reform. The best option for all Canadians is the expansion of the Canada Pension Plans proposed by the Alberta Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress. Alberta Finance Minister Ted Morton alone is fighting to stop this. Let him and the other finance ministers know he does not speak for Albertans on this issue. To join the fight ...


December 18 - International Migrants Day
December 20 - International Human Rights Solidarity Day
January 14-16, 2011 - CUPE AB Anti-Racism Conference, Calgary
January 17-22 & January 23-28, 2011 - AFL/CLC Annual School, Jasper

Did you know ...

• Only 38 per cent of Albertans contributed to an RRSP in 2008 and the median contribution was only $3,200.
• Average management fees in the mutual fund industry are 2.6 per cent, among the highest in the industrial world and about five times that of CPP.
• In 2007, half of Alberta seniors had no investment income.
• Half of Alberta seniors have no employer pension income.
• Half of Alberta seniors without and employer-sponsored pension have no retirement assets.
• Half of Alberta seniors have no RRSP or RRIF savings.
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