Alberta government misleads on projected minimum wage increase

'After tax' line attempts to paint province's ultra-low minimum wage

as ranking "second in Canada"

EDMONTON – Members of the government of Alberta should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to spin the province's proposed new minimum wage as the second highest in Canada when the reality is it will be the second lowest.

"The government is twisting the truth," says McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour. "The fact is that Alberta presently has the lowest minimum wage in Canada. After the province's minimum wages increase in September, we'll have the second lowest minimum wage in the country after Saskatchewan.

McGowan noted that minimum wages act as a benchmark for other minimum-wage earners. A low general minimum wage will keep other wages at the low end of the spectrum.

"Alberta's cost of living is amongst the highest in the country. By most accounts, we're heading into another boom period where the costs of essentials will increase. Working Albertans need a living wage, one that will allow them to earn enough to keep their heads above water."


For more information call: Gil McGowan, President @ 780-218-9888 (cell)

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