AFL President concerned over Morton in Finance

Alberta's public service in jeopardy, McGowan says

Alberta Federation of Labour president, Gil McGowan, expressed grave concern over Premier Ed Stelmach's pick for Finance Minister in his new cabinet announced today.

"The choice of Ted Morton as Finance Minister will undoubtedly mean deep cuts to Alberta's public service and needless job losses," said McGowan. "This comes at a time when no such cuts are warranted."

McGowan noted that Alberta continues to enjoy one of the strongest economies in the world despite the recent recession and all signs point to a steady recovery in the months to come.

Ted Morton campaigned for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party on a platform of decreased government spending and a smaller public service.

"This is an obvious, knee-jerk reaction to the sudden popularity of an ultra-conservative party in Alberta that is threatening the premier's own political future," added McGowan. "The losers in this scenario will be Alberta's working men and women who are caught in the cross-hairs of a political showdown."

"What working Albertans really need is recognition from our government that the public service is an essential part of growing our economy and keeping our communities whole. Unfortunately, this cynical move from Premier Stelmach leaves the future of thousands of workers in jeopardy."

For more information call:

Gil McGowan, AFL president @ (780) 218-9888 (cell)

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