AFL-CIO, Club for Growth help heat up recall elections

MILWAUKEE – Rallying the troops, Wisconsin's AFL-CIO is pouring tons of resources into the state to oust six Republican senators in next month's recall elections.

"People are passionate about the issues. They're going door to door, they're talking to their neighbors about why we need to recall these six GOP senators," said Stephanie Bloomingdale with the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

Besides stopping in Milwaukee Tuesday, the union has already stopped in Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Kenosha, among others. And it has planned stops in La Crosse and Hudson next month.

"Working people are putting their nickels and dimes to have a fair shake in these elections," she said.

"They're spending millions of dollars to buy the election," said Brad Courtney, Chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

He claims it's much more than nickels and dimes.

"The unions are basically trying to overturn the elections of last November clearly stated we didn't like where the state was going, we want a complete change," he said.

"What they'd really out to do is ask Club for Growth where their money is coming from," Bloomingdale countered.

Conservative group Club for Growth is also pouring in tons of cash to help Republicans, but because third party organizations are funneling in money, it's tough to know exactly how much.

What is for sure, these upcoming elections could be a game changer.

"We're going to have a huge turnout," said Courtney.

"These recall elections are critical in restoring our democracy," said Bloomingdale.

TMJ4, Mon Jul 26 2011

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