1,000 March Against Walker’s Budget


More than 1,000 Wisconsin firefighters, nurses, farmers and community members marched through Madison today to the Capitol Square to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) extreme and anti-middle class budget.

The march came as the activists in the tent city “Walkerville” entered their third day of protest against the Walker budget that slashes funding for education actions, health care, seniors’ programs and critical services like first responder.

During today’s march, protesters engaged in civil disobedience and blocked streets around the Capitol Square. According to news reports, some arrests were made. Damon Terrell was one of those arrested and as fellow protesters cheered and thanked him for his action, he said:

This is nothing to be thanked for; this just has to be done sometimes.

Marchers carried signs calling upon lawmakers to focus on Wisconsin working families and not the wealthy and large corporation that Walker’s budget favors.

Recall elections for six Republican state senators who voted for Walker’s bill that eliminates the collective bargaining rights of public employees are just a month away. Working families across the state are mobilized to hold them accountable for their assault on workers’ rights and support of walker’s budget.

Follow the events in Madison via Twitter with the hashtags #wiunion and #notmywi and stop back here for updates.

afl-cio news blog, Mon Jun 6 2011

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